The Algae Farm

The Algae Farm 
As a brand it is important for us to be as sustainable as possible. Therefore we are proud to announce that we have spent 10% of all sales from the Summer Nineteen collection on planting algae in the North Atlantic Ocean and starting THE ALGAE FARM.
We believe that we must look to our oceans for solutions to right the warming wrongs of us humans. 
And the reason we chose to plant algae is in the numbers, since algae is much better at capturing co2 than trees are. 
TREES: 2500 ton co2 
(in 40 years per hectare trees)
ALGAE: 32374880 ton co2
(in 40 years per hectare algae)
In 2020 we will expand and open up for other businesses to take part in this project. 
Stay tuned